Sinoclear is a complete range of non-medicated 100% seawater nasal solutions that will help keep your nose clear. There are 3 products available in the Sinoclear range, each one has been especially developed to answer specific needs.






Sinoclear seawater solution comes from the water of Saint-Malo, a French port city in north western France. Founded in the XIIth century, Saint-Malo is well known for the singular tidal waters that ensure fresh and renewed water source with every daily tidal cycle. 



For optimal preservation of the water quality; the seawater used in the Sinoclear formulation is collected from the bay of Saint-Malo and treated in the coastal city. Our manufacturing process has been especially developed to keep the natural composition of seawater.



Thanks to this process, Sinoclear preserves 80 minerals and trace elements present in the seawater in Saint-Malo bay at optimum concentrations. The Sinoclear products are all preservative-free and with no chemical additives.



Choosing Sinoclear means choosing a non-medicated 100% seawater product that give you access to the benefits of seawater, in a practical packaging.



Sinoclear Adult is available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets.



 Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.